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//Full Name: Brittany
//D.O.B:June 18
//Birth Time: i dunno
//Number of People In Home: 3
//Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate chip cookie dough
//Favorite Board Game:None they are gay
//Favorite Time of Day: Night
//Favorite Thing To Do On Rainy Days: Go on the internet, Sleep, eat, and watch tv
//Favorite Animal: Cats Dogs Monkeys Gorilla
//Favorite Band/Singer: EMINEM,
//Favorite Song: umm.all tHA new eminem encore songs
//Favorite Genre of Movies: Comedy Mostly
//Favorite Channels on TV: mtv 1+2 and BET, WB18
/Favorite Candy:Reeses kit kat Dove dark chocolate
//Favorite Movie: 8 Mile
//Best Friends: NONE
//Favorite Color:Baby Blue , LIght purple
//Favorite Stores:Rave,Urban Planet, Gucci,louie vuitton
//Hobbies: Music , Shopping,chillen
//Favorite Subject: Lunch
//Religion: Dont do church
//Ideal Boyfriend: Cute Rich Funny And Nice And  Tough sexi!!!
//Things You Really Dispise:UH PPLZ
//Lucky Number: 83, 5,7
//Favorite Sport To Watch:Basketball
//Pets:3 Kats
//Most Dispised Class:Social Studies
//Sign: Gemini
//Place:The Mall
//NON Board Game:Grand Theft Auto
//Most Recent Movie Seen:uhhhh........?
//Number of Buddies:147
//Most Recent *NONFAMOUS* crush: hmmmm...
//Favorite Smile: Famous 20 
//Favorite Milkshake Flavor: Chocolate
//Favorite Resteraunt: All of em 
//Role Model: Eminem
//Favorite Fast Food Place:KFC
//Celebrity Crush: Eminem
//Adjective that Best Describes You:You Dont Want To F Wit Me

Have you ever..
1. Kissed a family member: lol umm no
2. Ran away: Nope
3.Where is # 3?!
4.Where is # 4?!...Oh Well
5. Broken someone's heart: yea srry
6. Been in love: yes...
7. Cried when someone died: No one has died for me....
8. Wanted some1 u knew u couldnt have: *sighz* Yes
9. Broken a bone: yeap sucked too
10. 10s Gone too?!!?
11. Lied: unfortunatley yes... 
12. Skipped School: ...............................
13. Coke or Pepsi: coke
14. Sprite or 7UP: Sprite
16. Flowers or candy: Use both
17. Scruff or Clean shaved: shaved
18. Quiet or Loud: Im Loud....
19. Blondes or Brunettes:blondes (of course)
20. Bitchy or Slutty: Bitchy
21. Tall or Short: short girl tall guy
22. Pants or Shorts: Pants
23. What do you notice first: If He has a good sense of humor, protective,and sexi 
24. Last person you slow danced with:Dont Remember
25. Worst Question To Ask: A question i hate is ... where the answer is rite in front of ur face
26. Showered: Just a while ago
WHAT IS (your favorite):
29. Your Good Luck Charm:dont hav 1
30. Person You Hate Most:i dont kno where 2 start
31. Best Thing That Has Happened:lots
32. Color:Purple and black and blue
33. Movies: 8 mile and white chicks
34. Subject in school: i hate them ALL!!!
35. Juice: idk
36. Cars: escalde,ferrari,viper excursions lots more
37. Ice Cream: kookie dough
39. Season: summa
40. Breakfast Food: Almost anything
41. Song:all the eminem songs!!!!!
42. Favorite food: lots
43. Makes you laugh the Most: All my friends especially christine samantha adam  and lots more
44. Makes you smile: Everyone Makes Me Smile
45. Can make u feel better no matter wut: some of my friends
46. Has A Crush On You: i kno who
47. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: uhhhhh
48. Who Has it easier?: depends
49. Gives you A Funny Feeling When You See Them: nobody
50. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night:i dont think so
51. Save AOL conversations: no thats retarded
52. Save Emails: yes the good ones
53. Wish you were someone else: everyone does sometimes
54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex:  that would be kool for like a day
55. Hairstyle:straight
56. Cologne: some times
57. Perfume: adidas yummy and love spell (victoria's secret)that britney spears shit smells realli good
61. Fallen for your best friend?: NO
64. Been in love?: .......
65. Been in lust?:hmm maybe
66. Used someone?: never
68. Cheated on someone?: will never
71. Done something you regret?: yes
73. You talked to?: idk
74. You hugged?: uhhh
75. You instant messaged?: some pplz
78. You yelled at?sister
82. Hair color? blonde
83. Have tattoos?no
84. Have piercings? yeap
85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? single
86. Own a webcam? yes
87. Own a thong? yes
88. Ever get off the damn computer? not realli
Have you/do you/are you...
92. Stolen anything? ........yes
93. Smoke? no i dont
94. Schizophrenic?: dont think so
95. Obsessive? THATS A BIG YES!!!!
98. Panic?:no
99. Confused bout who u luv? no


Eminem iz tha best if u dont kno that iz time u learned

I luv eminem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!